This form must be completed in full, including an original parent/carer/guardian signature/date, and submitted to the League’s Safeguarding Officer prior to taking to court. (Rule 6.7 of League Rules)

In the case of a player who is Under 14, the Coaching Support/Age Banding Section must also be completed and the player may only play once permission has been granted by the League Safeguarding Officer. (Rule 6.6.2 of League Rules)


Please ensure an “Emergency Contact” form is also completed and handed to the team manager/club captain so they know who to contact in the event of an accident or emergency involving this young player.

Personal Details

Netball Experience

Medical Information

Parental Consent

I understand my daughter will be playing in the netball league against adult players for the above-named club/team. I also understand she may be photographed for the local paper or other suitable publications.

Under 14 - Coaching Support (Age Banding Form)

The Above Player: