If an accident/incident occurs at a netball match where a player, match official or spectator is injured, the accident reporting procedure should be followed as detailed below.  This procedure should be followed for ALL injuries/accidents/incidents regardless of whether or not medical treatment is given.

A team official – i.e. coach, team manager or other team representatives should complete an Accident Report Form, making sure to include as much information as possible.  This may include a diagram or further explanation which may be completed on a separate piece of paper or on the back of the form.

The names, addresses and contact details of any witness present should be recorded.  It may also be necessary, in some circumstances, to obtain an Umpires Report as evidence.  This is essential for any follow up queries England Netball or its insurers may have.

The form should then be copied and a copy sent through to England Netball by completing their contact form within three days of the incident taking place.  One copy should be kept by each of team and filed for future reference. A copy should also be emailed to secretary@mmnl.co.uk for our records.


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