MMNL has over 100 registered umpires.  All of our umpires are required to be affiliated to England Netball and range from Into Officiating Award to A Umpires.  Our umpires are encouraged to continually develop their skills and experience and to support the League, who have an excellent mentoring team working tirelessly to ensure that those who want to improve and go up the ranks with their umpiring can do so.

Any umpires who wish to umpire Premier Division or Division 1 are required to be assessed by the League.  Please contact the League’s Umpiring Secretary who will arrange this for you, allowing a lead time of at least 2 weeks.  Assessments are carried out every 3 years.

Each team is responsible for organising an appropriately qualified, affiliated, MMNL registered umpire for all matches.  If an umpire not registered with the League would like to umpire at MMNL, they must contact the League’s Umpiring Secretary and complete an Umpire Registration Form prior to umpiring.  (Rule 9.2 of League Rules)

Two Scorers are required to score a match.  If the Umpire does not wish to score the match, they should inform the team at the time of booking to allow the team to arrange for a non-playing team member or spectator to score on their behalf.  Alternatively, the Umpire can bring their own Scorer.  

If one team has a Scorer and the other team does not, then the lone Scorer must stand alongside the scoring Umpire.  If neither team has a Scorer then both Umpires must score.  No game should go ahead with only one Scorer!  Please refer to the Scorer Responsibilities document for more information.

Any team found to have provided an unaffiliated, unqualified or unregistered umpire will incur a 2 point penalty deduction.  They will also forfeit any points gained during the match. 3 points will be awarded to the opposition.  All goals will be null and void.  (Rule 8.4 of League Rules)

The League Committee recommends the following payment:

  • A Award – £20.00
  • B Award – £17.50
  • C Award – £15.00
  • Into Officiating Award – £12.50

The fee should be agreed between the Team Captain and Umpire prior to the match.  The League is not responsible for any non-payment.

All of our umpires, particularly newly qualified umpires, are reminded to make themselves familiar with the Umpire Responsibilities document.

We hope that you enjoy umpiring at our League and thank you for making it possible for us all to play netball!


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